Monday, January 15, 2018

When you should be painting, make heraldry.

Hi All,

Well, what with Track, practicing ropedart, and "Family" time in front of the TV I didn't get much of anything painted yesterday.

I did manage to noodle around on the Inkwell Ideas Coat of Arms creator to make the heraldry for those Knights of the Realm though.

It took me a fair amount of noodling around and my recollection of heraldic terms made it a little more trial and error, but I got something that seems to work. These are more or less in the order I've ranked them up and will paint them.

No names yet. The Buck's head is really front view but the software didn't have that. You can add your own vectors, but I just wanted these to be quick and dirty. The colors of the creatures are set by the colors of the decals I have. For the displayed eagle I thought white and blue would contrast well with the red eagle. The quartered Red and Blue is for the Viscomte. I used the seated lion because I didn't see the rampant lion. The blue lion is because I have two Lion shields. This guys head dress is some kind of bat winged almost lion thing, the first departure from the matchy, matchy thing I've done with the first three. Lastly the bull. This one was also supposed to be just the head, head on. Again, just making these quick and dirty. To me, although very simple, the black bull on plain white seems more visually appealing. Unfortunately I do not have a bull head dress so he will have the Dragon. I'll make up some reason why. Now I just have to think of what color to make it. Maybe just keep with black.

It's the Martin Luther King Jr holiday today, so no work for me, but a lot of errands to run. Hope you have a productive day.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 219 - Chevaliers D'HHonneur metal blocked

Hi All,

Got a little bit of painting done today. I finished prepping the Knights of the Realm and primed some retainers.

I rigged up some new holders using bottle caps, bamboo skewers, blue tack and hot glue.

Retainers, a couple of wizards and that Reaper Dormur that I need to finish the base on.

Close up of the Baron leading the retainers. You may remember I cracked him straight through the middle. I filled him with Jet super glue and a fine point tip. You can still see a partial crack on the left.

I also received my Zombies of Karr-Keel set 2 today.

Great figures at a great price.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 218 - Chevaliers D' Honneur

Hi All,

On the table today we have one of the next units of my Bretonnian Army for the Old World Army Challenge. 4 Chevalier D'Honneur and a 15th level Hero (Viscomte) to lead them.

Just cutting things off the sprue and cleaning up mold lines right now. I also have some retainers with spears, and some with crossbows for another 20 figures I could do, but they also need a little more prep so I'm thinking the five for this month. It would have been nice to have these guys all ready to go before the challenge kicked off, but I'm never totally ready for these things.

Here are the pics of those figures I finished on December 30th.

Two views of the foot knights lead by a baron (Level 5 hero) to show the banner and figures.

15 Peasants with bows. The front rank are my original ones bought back around 1990, then most of the rest are Wargames Foundry with two Plastic Archers that my brother gave me. I believe he said they came with the video game Shadow of the Horned Rat.

One Chevalier D'Epee to round out the points. I was mostly successful at getting rid of the join seams. I still have to figure out how to fix the one miscast horse I have.

Group shot that gives away my impromptu studio a little.

Anyway thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ambull Extraction

Hi All,

So here we have the last game of 2017 played and the first post of 2018 written. This was another Ambull scenario, this time using the Shadow War: Armageddon rules.

Dai had brought two kill teams, I had my Ambulls and monsters. The table and all the scenery was provided by Great Escape Games in Sacramento. I had never been there before and enjoyed myself very much. Nicely stocked store, tons of room for play in the back.

I think I need to do an analysis on close combat, the Ambulls are proving very deadly, and on the probability of random monsters showing up. What with the Old World Army challenge taking up a lot of my time and energy I was also not quite as prepared as I should have been. Cheat sheets, handouts and some tables for various things would be good to have.

That being said , Dai and densmol were great sports and I think we all had fun. See what you think.

Special additions to the scenario were that Felipe and his "buckets" could be grabbed in lieu of the Male Ambull. I used the artillery scatter dice again for the movement of all monsters as well as Felipe and Chochtoxtoc. It may seem odd at times, but I think it adds an interesting element to the game. Aside from figuring out close combat and stats for all the other monsters, I need to figure out how to randomly generate monsters better. We agreed that rolling doubles wasn't frequent enough, we then switched to bullseye on the artillery deviation die, which was too much. Anyway, I think we need more civilians to get in the way and maybe random gangs to pop up and start something.

Hope you had a good holiday break and are ready to get back to the serious task of hobbying in 2018.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year End Recap 2017

Hi All,

I just sifted through the blog and found out how productive I was this year. In looking through this year's posts I found my plan for 2017 written back in January here. I probably should have referred back to it during the year.

Figures Painted: 

Total 71, 51 of which were painted in the last three months of the year. 25 Sci-Fi, 27 Fantasy, 18 Monsters and 1 Chibi.


9 Pieces total. One resin skull altar, 3 resin objective markers, 5 scratch built foam monoliths. I meant to make Terrain all year, but somehow forgot that was a focus this year.

Games played:

The numbers may be slightly off as I haven't blogged all of our WFRP sessions, but it looks like 29 games were played. 15 WFRP sessions, 3 games of Shadow War: Armegeddon, 3 games of Rogue Ops, 1 game each of Battle Fleet Gothic, Mordheim, Necromunda, Rogue Trader, Donnytrader, Heroquest, Pikeman's Lament, and Broken Lances.

Zines created:

2. I made Vol1 Iss2 of the Oldhammer in the New World Zine and The Emporium of Rogue Dreams Abdul Goldberg challenge compendium. I fell down in getting out two more OitNW zines this year, sorry. It seems if I actually hobby it's harder to get the zine out.

Although I missed Oldhammer in the Jerz, I played a ton of Oldhammer at Kublacon and Monolith-Con. I only made one shirt for Monolith Con, and that had a typo :(

So in the end, a fairly productive year.

I'll hit you with my plans and update my various pages in the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 217 - Vacation painting

Hi All,

Well, despite the general angst I managed to complete my 26 figures for this month. I can't show the finished products right now, due to challenge rules, but you'll be able to see them on and
respectively when they go through.

Here are some pictures of the last few days almost done figures.

Lighting is always a big issue when travelling. I think I'm going to investigate a better travel light. As usual I had to just push through and learn to live with things that would  keep me from calling things finished.

I'll probably just update the G+ community with the finished pictures.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 216 - Epic Fail of a week

Hi All,

This week was mostly me fooling around trying to cast up some shields because I was absolutely convinced I didn't have enough. I was wrong and wasted the last couple of days trying, and failing, to make a mold.

I did do some painting over the weekend. Here that is.

As you can see I finally fixed the Standard bearers hand, put a finial(?) on top of the banner pole and primed him grey. The mounted Knight needs a little more work and priming.

I went with variations of red and blue for the peasant archers. I have until the 30th to get these guys finished. This is how far along they were before I packed them up to go on holiday.

 Now I'll take you on my diversion of trying to make a mold to cast some shields. I was convinced I did not have enough to do all the figures that required shields. Over a year ago I had bought an Alumilite casting kit at Michael's and then approximately a year ago I bought a Classic Lego set to make a mold box. I thought that it was all just rectangular blocks. What is pictured is 95% of the blocks in the kit, so fail #1. Fail #2 was that my B part resin bottle has cracked and leaked, but I never made it to the resin stage. As you can see I used plasticine to make the bottom and was going to make a two part mold.

I had some trouble mixing the right amount of silicone, but got that sorted only to have the sprue bend and lift up one corner, thus ruining the mold. This silicone has a 24hr cure time, so I was basically screwed.

Then I remembered I had some Amazing Mold putty, cure time is about 30min.  I made this mold fairly quickly, but didn't notice I had some areas that were voids under at least one of the shields.

I went ahead and made the second half, thinking it could be saved. The second half was as bad if not worse. So double the putty, and time, wasted.

I demolded the first one, if it hadn't flexed like that it might have been usable, but you can see some other problems with how I made the mold.

After all this, someone offered to help me out with shields. I did another count and actually looked at all the models that had a stud to hold a shield, turns out I do have enough. So double Doh!

One good thing I did is tried out my Green Stuff World rivet mold with the excess green stuff I had from fixing the standard bearer.

I need to work on my technique, and will probably buy their metal scraper in my next order. I made the top three sizes of hex rivet.

Oh and if you need plain flat shields for knights Magister Militum has some shields here. (Hopefully that link works for you, I had trouble finding it this time.) For the style of shield used by the Knights of the Realm you might try these from Fire Forge.

Also welcome to Tilean Merc. I see you are a person of taste by the blogs you follow in addition to this one. If you have a blog let me know, I'll link to it.

Thanks for looking.


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